Surety Bonding

IMA804The best business relationships are built on a foundation of trust.

At Marsh & McLennan Agency, we realize our clients' trust that has made us a leader in the Bonding industry, enabling us to provide a range of Surety Bonding options to safeguard your interests. We also realize that it takes more than a handshake today to guarantee that obligations will be met tomorrow. That is why our fully staffed professional Bond Department is dedicated to connecting you with the best national, regional and specialty bond companies. Based on our clients' business goals and objectives, we use our experience and bond market relationships to develop the most competitive bond program.

Bid, Performance, and Payment Bonds

Marsh & McLennan Agency's Surety professionals have decades of experience helping clients determine the bonding solutions appropriate for their business endeavors. Whether ensuring that contractual obligations are met via a Bid Bond, guaranteeing the timeliness and price specifications of a project with a Performance Bond, or securing remuneration for subcontractors and suppliers using a Payment Bond, our staff can connect you with a carrier whose coverage is built to suit you.

License, Permit, Commercial, and Fidelity Bonds

The staff at Marsh & McLennan Agency also possesses expertise in a variety of non-contract related surety bond requirements and classifications. These Surety lines include License, Permit, Miscellaneous, Court, ERISA, and Public Official bonds.

Marsh & McLennan Agency also offers Fidelity Bonds to guarantee against loss due to employee dishonesty. For bonds specific to particular employees, we offer Individual Bonds. Scheduled Bonds, on the other hand, can be obtained through Marsh & McLennan Agency to cover individual positions or named individuals. We aso deals in Blanket Bonds, which provide the most comprehensive coverage by including all employees as a group. We will guide you in determining whether it would be to your advantage to purchase Discovery Bonds, an important bonding extension that provides you protection against undiscovered losses that occurred prior to the purchase of the bond.

Subdivision, Financial Guarantee and Special Surety Obligations

At Marsh & McLennan Agency, we understand the real estate development business and have the expertise to help you obtain a competitive program for Subdivision Bonds. Our agency also has the experience and markets to provide a wide variety of Financial Guarantee Bonds, a third party guarantee utilized more and more in today's business environment for myriad different obligations. We are also successful in developing and searching out specialized Surety Bond products, which are increasingly being used as a source of protection for many types of obligations. Our Bond professionals will work with you to determine the applicability and availability of surety products for whatever your need may be.